School Update: 2012-10-31

Last week we had the misfortune of having a student with a colostomy bag enter our English school, and despite my best efforts, we were unable to succeed in dissuading him from learning English. Older students often have difficulty in the high intensity English learning environment, and that difficulty would only be compounded by the possibility of an accident occurring with the student’s bag.
This situation has weighed so heavily on all of the teachers at the school that it feels as though morale is dropping with no signs of bottoming out, but as professionals we will do our best to continue giving quality lessons no matter which obstacles are placed in our paths.
Even after years of teaching, there are situations that surprise all but the most worldly of English teachers, and this situation is no different. It is important to assess aspects of every situation and react with careful forethought, and so if placed in a situation such as this one, confirm with the student that there will be no leaks or chances of bursting, and position yourself near the door if you suspect the student of lying to boost your opinion of them. On the days which you teach the student, wear some slightly older clothing that you wouldn’t mind getting dirty.
With luck, there will never be any mishaps due to medical situations, but it is always important to treat each situation with caution.

How Do I Build Student Willpower?

Learning English is often a matter of willpower, with the weak-willed failing quickly and the strong-willed eventually failing much later.
To build willpower in the classroom, the teacher must take on the role of leader by establishing themselves as the “alpha” unit. Loud noises, whether in quick succession or all at once is a great way to gain the attention of the student, assert yourself as the “alpha”, and build their willpower.

Applying this in the classroom is simple; mix the loud noises into your lesson plan. This can be done a variety of ways, such as turning the radio up to full volume before playing a practice CD, dropping books on and around the student, or simply yelling on occasion. You will literally see an immediate response from the student in terms of their attentiveness.

The castle of willpower

Some students respond negatively towards loud noises and exhibit a range of responses ranging from simple cowering to full on confrontation. In these situations it is important that the student not be allowed to view you from eye level or above, and so it is important that you keep them in their seat. Standing in front of them and pinning their hands to the side of the chair while asking “are you here to learn or are you here to quit?” is very effective at garnering a positive response from the student and getting them ready to learn English.